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Bioenergy is a company dedicated for more than 25 years to research and development to help the human being to have a better quality of life through products that benefit the human body through its consumption.

The goal of our treatments is: to clean the circulatory system of fats, cholesterol, triglycerides, calcium, minerals, among others. which attach to the capillary walls over time for everything we eat and eat. Always a step forward Bioenergy® is an innovative brand based on the use of nanoparticles that result in a WATER VIVA, perfectly balanced to achieve maximum hydration.


Our experience with the use of Bioenergy water has shown that people with diverse affectations have improved their quality of life.

These affects relate to the supersaturation of the body’s ability to remove by-products and toxic compounds, such as vesicular, renal calculus and high cholesterol. And also other conditions related to the transmission of electrical signals such as chronic, acute arthritis and other related ailments.


Water is one of the applications of the Clean Master technology, based on theoretical concepts, but sustained in experiences with its use in individuals with diverse affectations.

This has proven to be a great help in overcoming the many health effects.


Graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey with a Master’s degree in biochemistry at Texas A & M University, and a doctorate in biochemistry and nutrition. He is the creator of technology and brands: Clean Master® Bioenergy® unique in the world. He specializes in detoxification and cleansing of the circulatory system. Creator of the entire line based on Bioenergy.


Elizabeth Juárez

Monterrey, México

I give thanks for the life and vocation of Dr. Ricardo Salazar and his team for their great humanity and concern for the life and health of others, my visual graduation has decreased, my hair has stopped falling, my circulation and sleep excellent, I also lost weight, thank you from the heart.


Nereyna Bartolo

Donna, USA

Wow I see comparison photos now I see a big difference. Thank God in the first place for putting resources and means, and thanks to the Bioenergy center for helping me to have a better quality of life. It is the first month of water consumption, eat healthy and evenly.

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